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Power generators possess a rated power which they must realize under defined conditions. This is universally accepted and is fulfilled by the products our company manufactures.
Furthermore, most of our products are equipped with intelligent load-management systems. These systems ensure an operation which optimizes supply and consumption.

The proof of operating efficiency and faultless functioning should be tested from time to time. This increases the security of the power supply, however, it also demands a high degree of technical knowledge from the inspection staff.
Special testing devices provide staff with a tool that facilitates their inspection work – their knowledge cannot be substituted.


Thus this inspection equipment – which fundamentally comprises system-specific load testing devices – is designed not only to test the rated power, but also to inspect such parameters as reserve power, load rejection control, etc. regarding their tripping features. They serve to simulate all load conditions of the systems which are relevant to practice.

These testing devices can also be used in the simplest cases in order to test six or even nine power generators simultaneously since they are assembled in galvanically isolated load units. Such processes are very useful, for example, in the case of regular testing of devices stored in warehouses because they optimize the duration of the testing processes and protect human resources.

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