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These products have qualitative features which provide them with particular practical value. These are features which every product does not necessarily need to possess. In particular, when the infrastructure of the operational area cannot be clearly defined, when there are a variety of climatic conditions which need to be taken into consideration, when transport by aircraft needs to be possible, when their positioning should be impeded – these are all situations when products for special applications are required.
Users of such equipment include the armed forces, international aid organizations, official agencies and security organizations.


These special qualitative features include:

  • unlimited starting and operating capacity at temperatures ranging from -30 °C to +50 °C,
  • transportability by land, sea or air,
  • extraordinary robustness in difficult terrain – on a chassis as well as on a carrying vehicle,
  • transportability by aircraft utilizing a minimum of special equipment,
  • infrared-reflecting surface,
  • ability to fully decontaminate CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) pollution,
  • the shortest possible erection and dismantling times,
  • capacity increasing and decreasing by means of modular concurrence without gaps in power supply,
  • standardized operator interface on all products,
  • explosion protection equipment.

Furthermore, these kinds of generators are supplemented by a comprehensive range of auxiliary products and services. These serve to supply consumer-orientated electrical power by means of distribution boards, cable networks, logistical support in the supply and maintenance by means of material warehouses and workshops, proofs of safety and correct functioning via sample and testing devices.


Our products have proven themselves in the aforementioned conditions in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Sardinia, Benin, Mali, Somalia, Portugal, Norway, and Finland.

They ensure that civilians as well as soldiers will have a high rate of endurance in their camps and hospitals.

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