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Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP Plants) generate electrical power by combining a combustion engine and a generator. By additionally utilizing the resulting waste heat, an overall efficiency of up to 90 % is achieved.

The generated electrical energy can be used internally (internal consumption) or can be fed into the public power grid with compensation rates based on renewable energy laws. The available thermal energy can be utilized as process heat or can be applied in air conditioning systems for heating or cooling purposes.

In contrast to fluctuating renewable energies such as wind power and photovoltaic energy, combined heat and power plants enable a nearly unlimited availability of energy and thus make a significant contribution to a comprehensive supply of energy.

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  • Compact and container modules
  • Parallel mains operation and mains backup operation
  • Module output up to 400 kW
  • Cascading of multi-module systems
  • Dual fuel operation with biogas or natural gas
  • Complete or partial maintenance packages
  • Long-distance diagnosis and maintenance

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Biogas / Sewage Gas CHP Plants

By fermenting agricultural plants and waste products, biogas plants create an energy-rich biogas. In addition to using renewable raw materials such as corn and rapeseed it is also possible to add straw, slurry, or manure to the mix. Biogas consists of methane, carbon dioxide and other byproducts.

In the digester towers at sewage treatment plants, the purification of municipal or industrial wastewater produces digester gas, the components of which correspond essentially with those of biogas. The energy content and the composition of the byproducts vary according to the initial condition of the wastewater that is being treated.

The biogases which are produced are then processed according to the requirements and can then be utilized directly as a combustion gas in a combined heat and power plant.


Areas of application

  • Agricultural operations / agricultural cooperatives
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Landfills

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Natural Gas CHP Plants

Natural gas is provided almost everywhere in Germany as a highly efficient source of energy. The mixtures might contain up to 99% methane. Due to the purity of natural gas, it can be utilized directly without further processing in a combined heat and power plant.


Areas of application

  • Energy supply companies, municipal utilities
  • Medical service facilities
  • Industrial and building energy supply
  • Public facilities such as swimming pools, schools, etc.

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Engine replacement / equipment optimization in CHP Plants

As systems in continuous operation, combined heat and power plants must regularly undergo inspection and maintenance. Nevertheless, various factors might challenge the overall cost effectiveness of older plants in particular. Targeted maintenance and improvement measures will enable the efficient operation of the plants in accordance with the latest technological knowledge. Anything can be implemented – from the replacement of individual control valves to the complete replacement of the engine.

MAN / Caterpillar Gas Engine CHP Plants

CHP plants by FIMAG Logo Texteinbindung work with highly efficient MAN gas engines and are continually being further developed. If desired, we still offer Caterpillar gas engines for existing plants as well as for new projects.