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Even though the quality of the products we manufacture is excellent, ensuring a long life-cycle of your systems requires a regular provision of wear and tear parts and replacement parts.

Many manufacturers of technical products calculate on their products becoming out-dated relatively quickly due to advances in science and technology or they even integrate weak spots into the construction of their products – otherwise known as “planned obsolescence”. This might apply to products in the fields of entertainment electronics, household appliances, mobile telephones and PCs – even though it is not exactly legitimate business practice.

But what kinds of revolutionary developments occur in the field of power generation via electrical rotating machines?
That is why it is worth finding a reliable partner. Today we are still supplying spare parts for products which were manufactured by us in Finsterwalde in the 1960s.

Even if the original part is no longer available, our engineers will procure a comparable component or we will manufacture this part ourselves in our production halls.

You can depend on our customer service.