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Electrical power generators and switchgears are long-term assets, in particular when they work as auxiliary power systems and therefore register relatively short operating times. Thus, they are physically in excellent condition – especially if they have been regularly serviced and maintained.

And yet technology advances quickly. At relatively short intervals, new laws, regulations, and guidelines are enacted. In particular, plant safety and environmental protection measures constantly lead to new standards.

By the time when grandfather permits have expired, this question will arise:

New investment or refurbishment?

Often, adapting the plants to new regulations might be the more economical alternative to a new construction.
A new switchgear, an emission control system, the complete or partial usage of heat energy from operating processes, a fuel storage system which conforms to standard – any or a combination of these elements might be sufficient to meet the requirements of government safety organizations, emission control laws, European standards, water resource laws, and municipal ordinances.

It is definitely worth considering.