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Even the best products require care, maintenance, and proactive repairs, in order to ensure a long lifetime of the products and to avoid dysfunctions and consequent downtimes.

In particular systems in continual operation (combined heat and power plants) demand periodic maintenance and proactive partial and total overhauling. We offer every form of service such as maintenance and proactive and corrective overhauling.
To achieve this we not only utilize the capacities of our plant in Finsterwalde, we can also deploy our excellently trained and well equipped service technicians from our customer service and quality assurance divisions to work on the products on site.
Training the operating staff can lead to a high degree of in-house maintenance on the part of the operator.

Whether you decide for a complete service package or opt for a more “do it yourself” approach, we will find the best solution for you.

You can place your trust in our customer service division.