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Occupational Safety Management

Just as we place a high priority on quality assurance, environmental protection and efficiency in our organization, we likewise place the same emphasis on health and occupational safety. We thus ensure that our employees and trainees enjoy a high degree of safety, health and motivation.

On 16 April 2018 the employers’ mutual insurance association for the wood- and metalworking industries certified again that we meet the demands of systemic and effective occupational safety. This is attested by the certificate with the award “Systemic Safety” BG102-2020-00335-3.

Our Policy Statement on Occupational Health and Safety forms our foundation for responsibly managing the health and safety of our employees, trainees, customers and suppliers.

In order to continually improve, we regularly inspect the appropriateness of our health and occupational safety principles as well as the resources we apply to implement them.

Prevention in health and occupational safety

Foundation for motivation and success