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Expertise in Development

FIMAG Logo Texteinbindung has a development department consisting of a team of mechanical and electrical engineers. We develop every product 100 % ourselves using state-of-the art engineering software.
Our production planning enables efficient and quality-assuring manufacturing processes.


Expertise in Manufacturing

Our products are manufactured solely by our company. For all manufacturing processes – metalworking, electrical assembly, final assembly, surface finishing, on-site installation – we have a wealth of capacities available to us.
Without exception, our employees have received qualified vocational training specific to the tasks they carry out.
Our company is characterized by its distinct know-how in the designing of aluminum components using welded and riveted connections as well as integrating heavy-duty corrosion protection by means of thermal metallization with aluminum and zinc.


Expertise in Assembly

Even beyond the boundaries of our plant, we have outstanding specialists available to us worldwide. Our technicians assemble containers, install complex systems, and modify existing systems. We take on the entire logistics – transportation, shipment processes, assembly, and commissioning.
The result for our customers is a turnkey and fully operational system.


Expertise in Testing

Our quality control staff is composed of specially educated and trained skilled workers and engineers.
The testing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment for products with electrical power of up to 2000 kW.
Either diesel or natural gas can be used as energy sources.


Expertise in Quality

Our expert and motivated staff aim to develop customized, customer-specific solutions even reaching beyond the expectations of our customers.
Our continual consideration of quality is the basis for securing our market position. Our quality is achieved in our sales, development, purchasing, manufacturing, and service. Proactive and corrective measures, if required, are introduced at an early phase of the manufacturing processes. Intermediate and final tests serve to document our manufacturing precision and quality parameters. Interdepartmental work unit conferences secure a high standard of quality and efficiency.


Social Responsibility

As a medium-sized enterprise with a long history in the region we are aware of our social responsibility. Thus, we have been training apprentices into skilled workers since 1998. In a region characterized by high youth turnover, we train young people with the skills they will need to secure their future careers.
Our apprenticeship rate of 8 % lies markedly above the average for the industry. Even in the early phases of choosing a career, we provide support to pupils in the 8th and 9th grades in a work group which promotes their personal abilities and interests, whether these are artistic or craftsman-like in nature.
We support associations, organizations and initiatives in their non-profit activities which are important for society at larg.